Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Tuggerah Plumbing Pty Ltd’s team is experienced, professional, and reliable when it comes to drainage services on the Central Coast. We strive to exceed industry standards and community expectations when it comes to results and service.

Our two high-powered water jetters can clear any blockages efficiently and quickly.

Remember: Tuggerah Plumbing Pty Ltd also offers emergency services, so in the case of an emergency or accident, call us straight away. A quick response can minimise damage to your home and property.


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All of Tuggerah Plumbing Pty Ltd’s plumbing and gas fitting team are highly trained professionals. We are fully accredited and certified, and exceed all industry standards for safety and quality. Our experience has led to our great reputation on the Central Coast area, with excellent service and quality results synonymous with our name.


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Reliable and Efficient

There's nothing worse than waiting around all day for a contractor to arrive. Tuggerah Plumbing Pty Ltd's commitment to reliability means that this won't be an issue with us. Our plumbers arrive at the pre-agreed time, so you can plan your time more effectively. We see this as common courtesy because your time is always valuable.

At Tuggerah Plumbing Pty Ltd, we work fast to resolve your problem and to get out of your way as soon as possible. We clear blocked drains and stormwater pipes up to 450mm in diameter with our high powered water blaster, which can clean small domestic blockages without digging up sewer or stormwater lines. CCTV is also available for drain inspections and locating. For all your drainage needs on the Central Coast, call us and get the problem resolved quickly, and permanently.


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